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Wicked Kandila - Stephanie & Deliza

Stephanie + Deliza, Wick.ed Kandila

From Carson and Oceanside, CA

We started making candles for fun, purchased a simple kit and quickly wanted to do more with the candles. We started to experiment and play with the idea of creating candles with filipino flavors. Lots of experimentation and hours of phone conversations about different flavors made us think, wow this could really work! We just kind of jumped in and learned as we went in. In the process, we’ve developed a true obsession for the craft, and are motivated by all of the support from our customers.

Nurturing community to us means to create connections by establishing sincere relationships. Wick.ed Kandila has helped us to establish a connection with people to our heritage. We’re not just making and selling candles, we’re sharing our heritage and connecting to others deeply rooted in pride for their culture.

You can follow us on IG @wick.edkandila or email us