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What's Proppin - Jumbo




Tell us why and how you started your small business:

My wife loves plants! During the pandemic, her love for plants blossomed (pun intended) into more of an obsession that I gladly enabled because I loved how alive it made our house look with all the greenery. Fast forward a few months into the pandemic, I got the idea to build her a propagation station using an old IKEA floating shelf. As rough as it was, she still loved it! After some convincing, I decided to build more and sell some models on Facebook and it took off! As I got better with woodworking and collected more orders, I finally decided to establish Whats.Proppin.


What started out as a gift has now become my very first small business!

What does the notion of nurturing community mean to you?

Nurturing community means taking care of your people. Whether your community reaches across the street or across the globe, we have to take care of each other. Black, white, brown, gay, straight, we’re all a part of this earth and need to care for each other and spread love so that future generations can continue to live in harmony.


Find us at www.what’s Proppin or on IG @whats.proppin!