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The Crafted Prints - Vanessa

The Crafted Prints

Brentwood, CA

We started our company because we were in need of affordable art for our own space. We had been living with family for three years, and when we finally got our own place we were excited to decorate, but we quickly found out how expensive the kind of art we love cost. Feeling a bit defeated, I remember Josh saying “why don’t you just make our art?” And from there it was history haha — so basically TCP was born out of our brokenness 🤣

One of the common threads behind everything I’ve desired to do in life is create community. With TCP we’re creating a community of artists who we support and empower by bringing their work to life in printed form, and we’re doing our best to create a community of supporters who can share in and become a part of this crazy journey :) Nurturing for us looks like providing both of those communities with amazing, personalized, genuine experiences, where they feel valued, appreciated, and seen. We would be nothing without our people *ugly cry*

To stay connected with us the best way is to either follow us on Instagram @thecraftedprints and join our newsletter through our website at #yay