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Sac City Stems - Mikaela

Mikaela- Sac City Stems 

Tell us why and how you started your small business: Our business bloomed from our love for plants and the understanding of need for connection during quarantine. We strive to help make those connections between people and plants by not only selling plants but through plant education on Instagram. We give "Free game with every plant". In a time where it's extremely difficult to get to know others we hope that, with our help, you can learn more about yourself by way of your plants.

What does the notion of nurturing community mean to you? To nurture, by definition, means to help to grow. A community is not but many people helping each other and contributing to the general well being of the group. A community is not a community at all without the act of nurturing.   It’s important to remember we all need each other In some way. 
Please list all the ways we can connect with you and find more of your awesome products: twitter, tik tok, instagram: @SacCityStems