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Plantdec. - Dominick & Elma

Dominick Morales & Elma Singcuenco; Plantdec.

Richmond, CA

Plantdec. was started to help foster my mom’s creativity because of how working with plants and creating art positively impacted her mental health. With her condition as cancer survivor, I (Dom) know that it’s crucial for her to be under the least amount of stress so I wanted to create a platform that would encourage her to keep creating and surrounding herself with plants (these precious things that love you back). Through Plantdec., both of our inner creators have the opportunity to be bold and challenged in which we have grown as individuals and as a mother-daughter duo. 

Nurturing community means taking care of each other as well as yourself. I think that it is equally as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of the community because if we don’t show up for ourselves, it will be harder for us to care and show up for others. Nurturing community is also giving others the support they need so they are able to grow and in doing so, hoping that they will be inspired to do the same with others so that this energy (nurturing state) spreads and we continue to nurture one another. 

Instagram: @plantdec