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Ceci Loves Plants - Ceci & Ryan

Ceci and Ryan of @cecilovesplants

Santa Clara, CA


I made a shirt for myself because I wanted a minimalist design to express my love of plants and I couldn't find any simple enough to my liking. After posting a fun pic on Instagram, others DMed me wanting their own shirts, and thus started the merch line!

Soon after, my husband Ryan started 3D printing some fun plant accessories for me and the idea of our modular trellises started from there. It's been fun combining our hobbies into a small business!

Nurturing community means supporting others in all stages of growth, and sharing in the successes and failures. I've found great support in the plant community and offer my own experience and advice when I can. I'm grateful for Nurtured State for continuing this notion by sharing their space for artists and makers to grow.


@cecilovesplants on Instagram