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Andrea - Cozy Methods

1. Name and name of business:

Drea Tanada

Cozy Methods

Belmont, CA

With the additional time spent at home in 2020, I rediscovered my interest and joy in making things. I first started playing around and making candles for myself. Then it expanded to family, friends, and now more! Creating Cozy Methods has given me the opportunity to explore my creative urges and to continue connecting with others.

I’m so excited to be a part of Nurture State, as connecting with Kat and other small businesses has been one of my favorite experiences in my small biz journey thus far!


When people can gather, connect, and collaborate, I feel that’s where magic can start to happen!

People are certainly capable of doing great things individually, but if we’re lucky enough to have a community where sharing, learning, and openness is welcomed that creates an opportunity to do more - and even better, together!

IG @cozy.methods