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A Nurture State of Mind

Nurture State

Last year, during the most hopeless year of our lives, I heard a postulation on the ever-growing popularity of plants. As the virality of the covid virus increased, curiously, so did our interest and need for the company of more leafy friends. As we all figured out, plants have a cleansing energy to them. The presence of a plant disarms us as we take on the gentle nature of a caretaker. They have a simple charm that can wipe off all stress when you stare and adore them long enough. When we care for a plant, it puts the admirer in a nurturing state and that innately is the therapy. The action of caring is in itself soothing to the heart and pacifying to the mind. When we watch something so dependent on the simple goodness of our attention flourish, all things seemingly complex in the world softens.